Sprinkler Overspray is a Waste of Money & Water

Improper use of Sprinkler heads or placement can result in Over Spray

Here’s how it can be resolved quickly and cheaply.

Over spraying into the road is a waste of water and your money. Over time this waste really adds up.


Sprinkler overspray can be easily corrected by replacing the improper current sprinkler head nozzle with the correct one.
Overspray Sprinkler savings

Over Spay onto house

Contrary to popular belief – watering the side of the house will not grow a rec. room. Simply replacing the nozzle with the correctly sized one will save water and put the water your using where its needed – on the lawn.


This is a quick fix – the house didn’t even have a chance to dry between the before and after shots and it was 100º that day.
overspray fix
Overspray fix sprinkler

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