Head to Head Coverage: 100% coverage

An improperly installed sprinkler head layout can result in dead spots in your lawn.

Here’s what causes dead spots and how it can be easily resolved.

Missing Sprinkler Head

In the photo the far Blue Circles show proper head to head coverage and the lawn is nice and green.

Head to Head Coverage: 100% Coverage

Each sprinkler head should be getting wet from another sprinkler head next to it. This ensures full coverage and proper watering of the lawn.

The Problem: Dead Spots

The Green Circle shows where there should be an additional sprinkler head. Because it isn’t there the end of the grass strip isn’t being properly watered and so you get a dead spot. The Blue Circle at the bottom is an end sprinkler head and it sprays right over the dead spot without getting any water on it.

The Perfect Solution: Additional Sprinkler Head

Unfortunately this is much more common than it should be. The solution is to tap into existing lines and add in the missing sprinkler head. Once this is corrected you’ll have nice green lawn everywhere.

Not a Good Solution: Over Spray

See the water Over spray in the street. The previous homeowner attempted to fix the problem by replacing the closest head to the dead spot with the wrong sprinkler head in an attempt to get more coverage. The result – the road is wet and the grass is still dead. Pretty much a waste of money, both on the wrong sprinkler head and on wasted water.